Thursday, August 30, 2012

166 days and counting down... husband retires from the Marine Corps in 166 days!  My, how 20 years has all of a sudden flown by.  They say time speeds up the older you get and I have to agree.  We will be on to the next chapter of our lives.  And it is weird, and scary, and exciting, and unnerving, and everything rolled up into one.

I mean, I have never been a "married" person outside of a military life. I am use to going long times with my husband gone. I am use to living on base. I am use to being surround by military people. People going through the same things as me, people my age, people with similar life plans, so to speak.

I almost feel as if we will be floating for a while.  Out on an open sea, trying to direct our sails but having only ever taken a beginning sailing course.  Scary!!

I do love to move though.  I grew up hating the place I lived so much and always wanted to move. And, I have done that.  I love settling into a new home. Decorating, arranging, being busy with "life."  It brings me a high of sorts. Will this be one of the last times I move?  At least I can paint the walls and "remodel" as I wish.

I know the next 6 months are going to be over before I can blink an eye. And I will miss the military life, I will. As much as I have loathed it at times, I will miss it. It has been a good ride...


  1. I hear you Shannon. My husband was in the Navy 23 years. I think it may have helped our adjustment because when he retired from that, we both worked for an engineering company that did military contract work so we were still working near bases and in most cases with military people. It eased us out of the active duty to civilian life. There was something very secure about military was scary to leave that. My husband still travels, but only weeks at a time rather than 6-9 months which is a long absence. Thank you to your husband for serving and for you too because it means alot for the military members to have loving home to come back too and you have sacrificed as well.
    We just realized that my husband has been out 10 years now..oh my, where did that time fly too?
    Good luck to you.

  2. Good luck as you and your husband consider life after the military. I, too, say thank you to your husband for his service and for you for your service. Our military families are so important.

  3. I too am very grateful for our military families, so thank you!!