Sunday, October 7, 2012


This is one of my favorite quotes.  Why?  Because it reminds me that I am not happy when I am hiding in my shell, avoiding, denying.  It reminds me that I want to have peace and that I must go out and life life to find it. I think sometimes when I am feeling depressed I tend to want to shy away from things, and people. But I am not happy there. I might feel a bit safe there, but it is not fun.  I am trying to "train" my brain, if you will, to put these kind of quotes and feelings away in storage in my mind for when I am feeling blue. And try to remember the feelings they inspired in me at the time I read them, the truth they speak to me.  I know that at sometime in my life I will feel depressed and anxious again.  That is just life, but I hope to be able to rely on looking back at days like today when I am feeling good...and remember the good days will come again.  Remember that avoiding things will only keep the good days at bay longer and nudge myself into "living" so the good feelings come again, sooner. ♥

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  1. Shannon, I have not read this quote before. Thank you for sharing it, because it speaks to me, too. I think I sometimes look for peace in alone time only, in avoiding other people.