Thursday, July 19, 2012

I Am About To Avoid You

I am.... not you. But someone else we haven't seen in a while. I am about to leave the house so I don't have to be here to see them.  I know it is bad, wrong, etc... but I just can't deal with seeing these people today. They are very social people and it makes me SO uncomfortable, I can barely breath.  So...I am going to the store to run an errand.  They are just coming over to borrow something from my husband. So I don't feel too bad about avoiding the situation. On the other hand, on the way off chance they ever see this and know it is them....I'm sorry. This is what Social Anxiety makes me do.  Well, is is what I let SA do to me. But sometimes I just can't help it!  It has been a long day, I've been cleaning and sweating and I just feel far from my best! Sorry. Sorry!


  1. Sorry. Hope you feel better soon. : (

  2. I like your diagram - how it shows the loose-loose situation it's easy to find onesself in with anxiety. I avoid people sometimes, too, and avoid eye contact and conversations...