Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What Happens When I Don't Take My Med's

Well it has been 3 days and I am SO glad the pharmacy got the prescription in today!!  How can I be the only person in my part of San Diego taking Anafranil??  I have had a headache all day, my stomach has hurt and I am feeling hyped up - And easily annoyed!!  I didn't mean to go this long, just forgot to call in my prescription on time! Not good...  Must make mental note to NEVER do this again.  My brain can not live without this medication...at least not right now. Boy do I get why they say don't just stop taking it all the sudden....Whew...

Do you ever forget your medication? Does it make you crazy, like me?


  1. Yes, I've forgotten to refill my prescript before or had to wait for a doctor's reauthorization, and it's hard on the body to just stop taking it. It made me appreciate the meds very much!

  2. I always know when I forget because I get very light-headed and dizzy. I always remember to take meds at home because it is a routine ingrained in me but when I travel I always forget. Not good.

  3. I usually get angry or cry if I skip my meds.