Sunday, January 6, 2013

Twenty-Something Days!

Yes, I am twenty-something days away from moving.  It is funny because I have always gotten super stressed out around moving times, but this time I am not feeling so much stress as I might think I should be. Maybe because I am trying not to think about it so hard. Or maybe because I know by now, this our twelfth move that I can remember, that I am just resigned to the chaos of a move. Anyways, I am cautious, but seemingly, weirdly not yet stressed.

Moving is something that can be upsetting to mentally ill people.  You lose all routine, all familiarity, all comfort of your own surroundings.  It can be a jolt.  Moving to California from North Carolina six years ago we decided to drive ourselves across country figuring it would be a quick four day trip and not too bad a drive.  WRONG!  It was one of the most bewildering, stressful, crazy times ever!  Imagine, 4 cats, 2 kids, and 2 adults all in the interior of one vehicle along with pulling a trailer and it being the middle of winter going across country.  Not fun, at all.  Needless to say on about the fourth day of our journey of long days in the car and short nights in hotels, I had a nervous breakdown.  I lost it. I was having panic attacks, heart palpitations and was so stressed out I couldn't sleep in the hotel or the car.  We stopped in New Mexico at an emergency room in a tiny, middle-of-nowhere town and I think I made the nurses feel SO bad for me.  I was crying and shaking and just done.  Done!  Luckily, I looked stressed enough for them to prescribe me Xanax to get me through the rest of the move. Which ended up being 7 days cross country instead of four.  I swore then and there "Never Again!".  So that is why this move my daughter and I are flying across country instead of driving with the boys.  And I am so very thankful for this fact!!  Literally, Praise the Lord!!

What is the same about this move is I will be moving to a place I have never been.  Totally anonymous to me!   It is thrilling and unsettling at the same time. But at least my sister will be there!

So what else am I doing to guard my sanity this time around?  Complying with all medications, making sure I voice all concerns and then figure out what is the best way to deal with them and... what else...ignoring as much as possible, so as not to stress too much! - I do make myself laugh sometimes!

What do you do in a stressful move, or a new stressful situation?  Let me know!


  1. It has been a while since I moved--9 years--but I remember how unsettled it made me feel and it took me a while to get back into a routine. It sounds like you are handling this wonderfully! I'm excited for you! :-)

  2. Oh I would have also had a total melt down being in a car for that length of time. It's a great thing you found a place to stop and take care of yourself. I'm also happy you've found an alternative solution for this move.