Thursday, September 6, 2012

It's a horrible feeling!

My anxiety is really UP there this week. I am a ball of nerves. I hate it. I try to do things to escape it, walk the dogs, clean, anything, but somehow it finds me!  Stress!  I hate feeling like I might have a heart attack at any moment...maybe I am having one now and don't know it... maybe I will have one if I don't stop stressing! The "Maybe's" are following me very close. I hate it. I think I am going to have to make an appointment so I can discuss what I need to do or take, like the Xanax, so I can stop feeling this way.  It's like I am being stalked by anxiety.  I can't shake it. It is a horrible feeling. Whew...

Just as an add on..Of course I can't get an appt for almost 2 weeks!!!  Ugh!


  1. I'm sorry you've having this tough time. I think your idea to talk with your doctor is a good one. Hang in there! I'll be thinking about you.

  2. Sorry you are going through this, I hope you can find some relief soon.