Friday, September 7, 2012

Today... the Positive

Today I am going to write sort of a positive affirmation post. Well, things I think about myself besides the negative things.... and try to focus on them. I'll focus on 10...

1. I am compassionate. I take everything to heart and try to make peoples worlds better if only for a minute.
2. I am zany.  Maybe I am manic, but I can be funny and make people least my kids and husband.
3. I am generous.  If someone needs something and I have it, I will give it to them.
4. I make good spaghetti. Everyone always loves it and wants more. :)
5. I am a good mom. I try everyday to make my kids feel extra loved and give them whatever I can.
6. I am unique...I have never met anyone identical to the person I am. And I like it that way.
7. I am curious. I like leaning new things about the world around me and the people around me.
8. I am tactful.  I would never try to make someone feel embarrassed or say anything hurtful, especially in front of others.
9. I am independent.  Even though it is sometimes nice to have others around, I can pretty much accomplish anything I set my mind to by myself.
10. I am tolerant. I like people to have their own ideas and express them. And I like to reflect upon them.

Whew...why is it so hard to make a list of things I like about myself and so easy to talk about the things I don't?  What do you like about yourself?


  1. What a great list! I knew you were a wonderful person, and this just spells it out!

    I think it's a good idea to focus on the positive. It's hard for me to do, too, though.

    What do I like about myself? I am curious, too--I love to learn.

  2. I love it that you said you are unique, and you love it that way. Kudo's to a world where so many people are trying to keep up with the Jones's or be surgically altered to have the perfect body or "look" it is refreshing to know you like being who you are.
    What do I like about myself? I like that I am adventurous..I love jumping in and doing new things.

  3. Aww, Thanks girls. I appreciate it. ♥

  4. Makes me happy that you put that up to share with us all, you are pretty neat! Now I want spaghetti. :)

    Hmm, about myself, I don't know how to answer. Today is pretty full of yucky thoughts, but this got me thinking. Hopefully focusing on the good changes my current attitude.

  5. I want to taste your spaghetti, too... :)

    I think it's really neat that you were bold and put this in a blog post! You are right; thinking positive about ourselves can be helpful. Thanks for the good example.

    I find my positives often have a negative side, but let me try to focus on positive for the moment... I'm creative, and interested in learning new things...