Sunday, September 23, 2012

Med's, Today

Let's see. I have been taking the lithium and bu-spar for the past 2 days now... and my normal clomipramine (Anafranil).  And so I am feeling a bit better, I think. Although, when I take the bu-spar, as needed for anxiety, I get really sleepy, really quick.  Actually, I haven't taken one today. My anxiety has been lower the past few days so I didn't need one. I know some would say I should not be able to tell a difference yet, but I feel like I do.  So, so far so good I would say.  I have an appointment with a therapist on Wed. So we will see how that goes.

Today we went to Mission Bay and took the dogs to the beach.  They had a great time.  It is a small island and has specific dog beaches on it and there are always bunches of people with their dogs.  I love seeing all the different breeds of dogs. All off their leashes. Chasing balls, playing in the water, greeting the other dogs. It is fun.

I have a friend or two who think San Diego was a bad place to live. But I have to totally disagree. I love it. There is everything to do here from Sea World, to Belmont park, tons of beach, tons of dog parks, landscaping like no ones business, one of the best looking citys I have ever lived in, all nationalities, all religions, colleges, and last but certainly not least...the best weather you could ever ask for! Sunshine, mid to upper 70 degrees almost year round!  I will miss it so much when we leave. So much!!  I have fallen in love with a place. Funny, huh? I do not talk of people I might miss, only the place itself. ♥


  1. I'm glad the new medications are going well so far. I've had the experience of medications working quickly, too.

    San Diego sounds great! I would love to see all those dogs together, too.

  2. I know how it is to fall in love with a place. San Diego sounds lovely. I have family there, but never been. Hear it is great!