Saturday, September 8, 2012

New Doctor On the Agenda

Well, I finally got an appointment at a new psychiatrist office...even though it is almost 2 weeks away. But I am happy and not about it.  I hate going to a new doctor and having to fill out 5 million pages of questions on how I am feeling. And when questions say "Do you feel hopeless?"--does it mean right that second? On meds? Off meds?  I just hate it. But I guess that is what has to be done. I will be interested to see what this doctor's take on me is. I have moved so much throughout my life that I have seen plenty of different doctors. Some agreeing with previous diagnosis and some coming up with their own. So it should be interesting.

Fortunately the high anxiety I had been feeling earlier this week seems to have stopped today, if not only momentary, it has been nice. I hope it continues.

I am trying to focus on positive things, even though I don't always feel like it... ha, ha, I will end today  with this quote:


  1. Yeah, answering questions about how I'm feeling/doing can be tough, especially since I tend to pick an answer between two options given. If it is a 1 - 5 rating scale, I want to answer something like 3.5. But if it is a 1 -10 rating scale, I still want to go between answers, like 6.5. I think that's the OCD making an appearance, though. I hope your appointment with this new Psychiatrist goes well and that he or she is able to help you.

  2. I get tired of answering the same questions with each new doctor, but I guess it's necessary. I hope the visit with the new doc goes well. I like the quote!

  3. Good luck with the new doctor. Yes, I hate filling out forms too. Especially because sometimes my OCD makes it hard for me to answer the questions. "Am I answering honestly? What about in that situation or in this one? blah blah blah."