Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Let's Hope for # 2!

Oh boy.  How fun. My new doctor appointment tomorrow.  Let me arrive 15 minutes early to fill out 10 pages on why I am there, and what I am experiencing and what I have ever experienced and all the medication I have ever taken... Is 10 pages enough?  I SO look forward to it.  But, I guess it is what it is.  I hope I like my doctor. Unlike previous attempts at choosing a doctor I did this "blind." I did not look up his picture or reviews on the internet. We'll see if this works for me or not. Although I must say I have been to about any and all range of doctors you could probably see. Women, Men, young, very young, old, very old and in between, all races, shapes and colors.  Oh, how I make myself laugh sometimes!

Anyways, I will be happy to let everyone know how it goes tomorrow afternoon.  I am expecting one of two things to happen, because in my experience so far, they have... 1) I will have a doctor who comes off as extremely higher than thou, who does not like me spewing any of my knowledge about my illness and who thinks they have the best plan for me, is totally uninterested, while trying to appear interested, in anything I say and who sends me out the door in a matter of minutes or 2) A doctor who is interested likes hearing about what I have found out through the years and believes we can work together to find a course of treatment we are both happy with.  Let's hope for #2 shall we!  If it is #1 I am tempted to say "You know I can tell this is not going to work as I find you uninterested and preoccupied. I think I will find someone else." ---Ha, ha, ha...In my dreams I would say that!!  But we shall see.

Wish me luck!!

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