Saturday, September 15, 2012

You're Right....Yes, You!

Ok, Ok, I know I can't become a raging alcoholic! Funny how my mind thinks if I have a drink now and then that I will turn into one. I think it is because many in my family have suffered with and succumbed to alcoholism and addiction.  So... it scares me.  I think I may be hyper-vigilant about it.  But then again what am I not hyper-vigilant about?  Ya know, that little thing called OCD...the thing that keeps my mind going all the time, thinking all the time, churning all the time. The never ending relentlessness....

So...that leaves me with talking to my new doctor on Wednesday when I go to my appointment. Chalk it up to one more thing I will be trying to explain about myself, while still appearing half way "normal"...but crazy enough to need the Anafranil.  Ha!  Funny how a place where I am supposed to find refuge can even bring on anxiety.  You know that feeling where you want to explain how you are...but you don't know the doctor yet so you don't want to seem too over the top nuts.  Uh, I just have to laugh at myself sometimes.  Welcome to my mind!


  1. That's a great picture.

    And talking to your doctor about the problem sounds like a good idea even though intimidating. I figure that a psychiatrist better be able to handle our facts or maybe they aren't the right psychiatrist for us. :)

  2. Sounds like you have a good plan. And I agree with Abigail-- doctors should be able to handle the facts you give them or maybe they aren't the right one.

    I hope the anxiety is lessening for you. I'll be thinking about you!