Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Answer?... Dr. News

Well, today was my much awaited appointment with my new psychiatrist. Maybe something will change for the better this time. He diagnosed me as bipolar II, which I have long suspected. And added that to the list of  Anxiety, and OCD. So, my meds were added onto.  Kind of embarrassing for me to say but, I will now be taking lithium carbonate and then bu-spar as needed and still the Anafranil.  A whole host of fun medication!  But maybe it will help.  I will start it tomorrow afternoon as the pharmacist had to order it.

He is a kind man, maybe from India?  He seemed to listen and take into account all I was saying. Which was nice, but at the same time, I wonder about him.  Was he really interested?  Did he really hear everything I was saying?  I don't know. He said I seemed like an intelligent person, so who knows. Just glad it is over. Now I am just a bit scared to start the meds, I hope there are no weird side effects I encounter. I hope it helps.  I go back in 2 weeks. And he recommended I start therapy again.   Which, they always recommend!  So nothing new there!  So...that was my day.

I am still anxious and uneasy from yesterday. But hopefully in a few days I will feel better. We'll see. ♥


  1. Shannon, I'm glad the doctor listened to you and showed understanding. That means a lot! I hope for a smooth transition onto the new meds, too.

  2. A new med combo is always unsettling. But you gotta start somewhere. Then you can fiddle with it and deal with the side effects. Before you know it, you have the perfect combo.
    They always recommend therapy because it is a good thing. But it's a big world. There are lots of therapy. Art therapy, religious therapy, animal therapy. Hell, join an improv group or a writing class.
    I'm glad you're liking your doctor. It looks like you're doing great.

  3. I'm glad that your meeting with the Dr. went well. I'm sure he does care, acting indifferent is just their thing.

    I have been on Lithium and I must say it did help. The worst side effect I had from it was always being thirsty! I drank so much water it was unbelievable, but other than that I was ok. If you wanna chat about anything feel free to email me. You posted that he diagnosed you Bipolar II, which you had long suspected, so I take it it is a new diagnosis? Whatever I can help you with, I will.