Thursday, September 27, 2012

Secret No More -- I Got A Job

So, I hadn't mentioned it because maybe I thought I wouldn't stick to it, but I have. I got a job. I started today.  It is only part time at a retail store doing merchandising, but yeah...I am working now.  Funny how I usually try and avoid people, but when I work I always seem to do really great and end up being a really good employee. (Not that I am bragging, just an odd way of my mind working.)  My therapist said all my employers love me most likely because I am so OCD about everything. I am on time, I never call in sick, I do my job and the job of others who aren't keeping up, and I am organized and neat and just good. lol  Makes me laugh because you might think just by reading my blog that I would be cranky, late, disorganized and annoyed by other employees! But, at least I am really good at something in life.  Even if it is a job that many consider unimportant and low paying. What can I say. I am looking forward to getting a paycheck again and today I actually conversed easily with the other people there for training...  No matter how awkward I really felt.  So, I guess it is a good thing.  Yeah.


  1. Good for you, Shannon! Every job is important. And glad you're getting a chance to get out and be around people--working helps me with that, too.

  2. Congratulations on your job!! I don't think there is anything wrong with admitting that you are good at something. You should feel good about that! I certainly don't consider that job unimportant - especially when I'm looking for help at the store!!!