Monday, May 14, 2012

Crazy Day with a Miracle

Ever have one of those days where you wake up and everything goes crazy from there?

Well- today was my day! Woke up with a panic attack.  Why,You might ask? I have no idea. Just did. Then I hit a curb, because I was looking for a sushi restaurant and someone behind me was honking....and it blew out my tire.  The rim shoved up in the tire and cut I had to buy a new tire.  $140. bucks...OUCH!  And I just got new tires 3 months ago.  So that was lovely.  And they had to order it, so I still have the spare on till tomorrow when they can install it. Fun....

Then, my sister went to the OB for her baby check up and was admitted immediately for an emergency c-section.  Her pre-eclamsia was was out of control. I am in California and she is in Florida so I couldn't run to be with her. Luckily the baby was only due in 3 weeks so she was good to deliver. She is the only good thing to come out of today...My baby niece, a miracle. My first one from my family... (I have others from my husbands brothers and sisters.) But it was scary, my sister had to have anesthesia because it was such an emergency.  So I am SO glad that is over! 

And now, I am just BEAT. I have a headache, my eyes are all cried out, and I am beat. I just want to be a vegetable.  I took 2 Xanax anxiety was through the roof!  And I don't deal well with stress...I freak out.  I sweat, I count numbers and say my ABC's a million times and I clean obsessively, all the sudden, for no reason. My bathroom is sparkling!  I just go into full force, overdrive, crazy woman. 

Oh well. Such is my life....
Love you baby niece, Fiona Lee ♥
Love you Laura and Alan

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