Thursday, May 31, 2012

Happy Pills

If only the doctor could prescribe me "Happy Pills"!  Wouldn't that be great. Happiness in a jar. How much would I pay?  Or rather how much might the people around me pay for me? lol  The mythological cure for all that ails you. Somebody get to work please and figure it out!


  1. Some people think antidepressants are "happy pills." Unfortunately, they aren't. They just help. Wouldn't it be something if we really could get happiness in a pill? :-)

  2. It is so true!! People think antidepressants equal Happiness all the time! Yay! -Unfortunately not. On a brighter note I got some good news today that made me smile! So I'm feeling a bit better!

  3. Well, if you ever find "happy pills" please let me know! Your right, anitdepressants make you stable, but do not produce the endorphines that true satisfaction can. Let me know, if you find the receipe for happy pills! Skiing is my happy pill, I think it's just a matther of finding that perfect receipe, even if it's only for 1 hour. That one hour of happiness can carry you through several days of anxiety and depression.