Saturday, June 2, 2012

Basically a boring post today!

Well, yesterday's presentation at my sons school wasn't so bad, so that was good. It only ended up being "a walk in, look around, and then leave" kind of thing. So I was pleased to say the least!  We stayed about 30 minutes.

Today, I have been shopping, cleaned the kitchen and  living room and have done laundry. So not much to report there. I also took a nap for about 2 hours. I'm telling ya, I don't know why I feel so tired lately. But I do.
I have a doctors appointment in a couple weeks so I will bring it up then. I have no desire to try and call and schedule an earlier appointment.  So I'll take naps when I can until then.

I realized today I feel like my life goes in slow motion sometimes. I will make a well meaning plan to do something, like clean and organize my closet, for instance. Then I fully plan on doing it the next day, and that turns into a few days, which suddenly has turned into a few weeks and then even sometimes a few months. But it feels like I just set the plan in motion in my mind. I just recently started this. Weird. Oh well. I guess if organizing my closet is the worst thing I haven't accomplished, it isn't too bad. Except that everyday I go to bed thinking, "I said I was going to do that." And I haven't. Oh well.

Such fun, interesting info about me, huh? Basically a boring post today! Hope you all are enjoying a nice weekend!


  1. Shannon, Do you think depression could possibly be making you tired and a little lethargic? Sometimes my depression plays out like that--getting really tired, not accomplishing what I intend to accomplish. It's definitely worth telling your doc about it.

    1. I'm thinking you are right Tina. The thing is I don't feel "bad" like I have in the past with depression. I mean yes, I had my day the other day, but it is not continuing. But probably right. I have a Dr. appt in 2 weeks so I will bring it up then!

  2. I know this was from a month ago, but age and hormones have a lot to do with that tiredness! Read up on peri menopause.