Monday, June 18, 2012


I have felt good the past few days. But in the back of my head I am always looking for the next thing to worry about. Weird. I hate that my mind does this but it just does. I wish I was a naturally worry free person. I mean, it does scare me that stress is a killer and I stress a lot!

I guess this is where denial has come into play for me. I am a natural denier. I can deny like nobody's business. I guess it is a learned skill.  Makes me laugh, but I know it is dangerous too.  Deny too much and you can end up in a heap of a mess.  With so many different things. But I think I come from a family of deniers. Growing up my family did a lot of denying.  If it made you worry, don't think about it. If someone made you mad, ignore it.  It will eventually go away.  Denial was a great coping skill. Almost like it never happened.

I can only assume that these skills of denial are passed down from generation to generation.  Makes me wonder what all I am passing down to my kids.

Makes me worry, and then deny....

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  1. Shannon, I sometimes fall into the trap of denial, also. My mother is into denying big time, though she would deny it! :-( She denies bad things happened in the past, denied she said certain things, etc.

    I can only hope that I don't become more like her the older I get. I don't think I will because I do tend to be more self-aware than her--I think.