Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It Makes Me Feel Better

Today I am doing others worrying for them. Like I always have done. I take on their worry and mull it over in my own mind, so they don't have to! lol  Like that is even possible. I just feel so bad when others I love are hurting or worrying over something and there is nothing I can to help.  I would say "I'll pray for you." and I would, but really I don't know if that works. - I know.. to most  out there this sounds absurd, but  I have a pretty jaded background with the church, so that is why I doubt. But that is a LONG post I will start on and post another day.  I would say "It will all work out."  But maybe it won't, I can't lie to them.  I would say "Tomorrow will be better."  But it might be worse. So I worry for them.  It makes me feel better. 

I just said it makes me feel better to worry!  Gotta love how my mind works. Like I have said before I guess I am so friendly with my OCD  I have become accepting and loving towards it.   So weird.  No one would say that, would they?  But I do.

With that said I do see myself as a good problem solver, and a good advice giver. I just don't take my own advice!  I would probably help them see the problem in a new light. A way they can twist the situation around without giving false hopes of life being all hunky dory.  Funny how I do that. But it makes me feel better!

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  1. I always joke with my husband, who is laid back, "I worry so you don't have to."
    I have found myself in that conversational predicament ..because saying "it will be ok" may not be true and I don't want them to think I am trivializing their situation either. I tell people I'll pray for them and usually I do or sometimes I will just say how sorry I am that they have this to go through. Most of the time they probably just need someone to listen and it sounds like you are supportive in that way.