Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Some days...

Some days there just doesn't seem to be much to say about my ocd, anxiety or depression. It just is what is. I'm tired. I have no real "reason" to be. But I am. I need to take a shower and I will, but thinking about it, it seems like a lot of work.  Why is that?  I have energy for other things but washing and drying my hair seems like such a task. And then when I get to bed I will probably be up till midnight watching tv, not able to fall asleep.  Oh well...such is life!♥

1 comment:

  1. I love standing in a shower feeling the water come down on me, but hate actually getting in there. I can drag a shower out, my hair never feels rinsed, which is an OCD thing for me so showering can be time consuming. So yea, for me it is alot of work. Ugh! I hope your day ended up being a good one. I have days I slug through, I think everyone you think?