Friday, June 15, 2012

Is My Daughter OCD?

Or does she just have OCD tendencies?  If that is something you can have?  I realized today, with actual "realization", that she will not touch certain foods.  And by touch I mean pick it up in a certain bottle or package and carry it to the table even for someone else. Foods that trigger her throwing a small fit and then me transporting them include, ketchup and hamburger, cooked or not.  There are probably others but these are two I noticed today with the thought of her doing this many times previously.  I guess I should mention she is 13.  And when I say she wont touch it I mean SHE WILL NOT touch it. Her face turns into sour puss, agony and disgust all mixed together. Is this something I should discuss with say, my doctor?  I mean she seems pretty normal otherwise. Could this just be a "phase" or a "thing"?  Just weird because I have seen it many times and until today it never really hit me...."People with OCD do this!"

I don't know. Other than that it has been a good day. Just weird how things hit you out of the blue sometimes. So let me know your opinion!!  ♥


  1. I think people can have a tendency towards OCD, and then something triggers it to manifest. You might want to start out by asking your daughter about it--does it bother her not wanting to touch certain things, does she have any other symptoms, etc. That would help you decide whether or not to consult a doctor. I've heard of people who say they thought they had "quirks" and it turned out they had OCD. It doesn't sound like a phase, but that doesn't mean it's full-blown OCD either. I would start by opening a dialogue with her. (this is advice from someone who has no children, so not sure if I know what I'm talking about!)

    1. No, you're right Tina! I will ask her about it and see what she says. Hopefully it is just a "I'm picky" kind of thing!!

  2. I recall when my daughter was around 8 she started separating her food on her plate, nothing could touch. I was so worried because I thought my worst fear had manifested itself, my gene had passed and one of my children had OCD. In talking to her (and I agree with Tina that is a good first step) I realized she was more concerned that juice from a vegetable or meat would not mix with her mashed potatoes and gross her out. I watched my kids closely and talked to them about OCD, not in a scary - you could get this too way (I also had an eating disorder) but I wanted them to feel they could come to me with anything- communication was open- and treating this stuff in the beggining stages is alot easier than letting OCD or an eating disorder have a stronger grip on you. Your a good mom to notice and take action- in my family everything was swept under the rug and we pretended everything was perfect.