Monday, June 4, 2012

My Therapy

Today I am SO frustrated. I am indulging in "Verbal Release Therapy."  Lets just say I have been pissed off! (excuse my language please!) I am just in a "Mood".  My neighbours complained about my husband working in our driveway this weekend. We live in base housing so they called the office...Ok...My husband has been in the Marines for almost 20 years!  We have NEVER complained about anyone....if we have a problem with something you are doing we will walk over and say "Hey, such and such is loud or whatever, could you refrain for a bit. Thanks!  Appreciate it!"  I think it is because they are young and have no experience living in the real world. At least that is what I am telling myself, to give them a small amount of decency in my mind. But I am really mad!!  Then I had a far off relative say something to me that made me mad.  -But that is a WHOLE 'nother story.

Is it normal for me to feel enraged over these things?  I mean it's not like I am going to go nuts and do something in retaliation, but come on....we all have to live in this world together. Get real!

I may have OCD, be anxiety ridden and depressed but I am not vindictive and I definitely want to live in a happy place!  I just don't understand people who are so unfriendly. I mean I may not get out and be everyone's best friend, but I am a good person and a good neighbour and a good friend if you need one!

There....over and done...on to a better day!

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