Friday, June 29, 2012

With the Top Down

Today was a good day...and for no particular reason!  I love when this happens, although, I should admit it is usually a sunny but not too hot day, and I have been complying with all my meds.  But it was so good... I put the top down on my VW Beetle and drove. Music turned up, hair blowing in the wind, Starbucks iced soy chai tea latte.  A perfect feeling. I loved it!  I love when that happens. When life, even for a minute, sneaks up on me and serves me a perfect moment of happiness for no particular reason.  I should be so lucky to feel this way more of the time. But maybe I just need to go out and drive next time I am feeling down. Put the top back down, drive to Starbucks and turn the radio up and remember the feeling of happiness I felt today! ♥


  1. Good to hear! :] (didnt know soy chai existed, omg)

  2. Glad you had a great day! Yes, put that top down, turn the radio up and enjoy!